The Benefits of Wonderful Bath Bombs!

Posted on June 11, 2021 by Melanie Brown


Bath bombs are always popular.


They are uplifting and provide a wonderful pamper experience. They even got a mention on ‘Coronation Street’ when one of the characters was telling her boyfriend to use one following the stress he was going through!!


So, what’s so special about bath bombs?


When used in a warm bath, they help you to relax just before you go to sleep.


Combined in a warm bath it is great for your circulation.


Bathing benefits your muscles, joints, and bones after a strenuous day. Bath bombs just add to that luxurious experience.


If they contain sumptuous oils and butters, they will provide you with moisturization from head to toe


How often do you use bath bombs?


Check out this Bath Treat link to see the range of Mel's Little Luxuries Bath Bombs.

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Give Yourself the Gift of a Time Out This Mother’s Day

Posted on March 30, 2019 by Melanie Brown


As a working mother I understand that need to take a time out. I’m fortunate that creating my little luxuries allows me to work with incredible, natural ingredients that offer my clients (and myself) a range of fabulous products to make that much needed time out even better.


What would you do with a spare hour?


  • Read a book: My favourite author is Shelley Wilson and I’ll happily escape into their fictional world for an hour. Who’s your favourite author?
  • Go for a walk: Getting out in nature is one of the best gifts you can give yourself as it boosts your endorphins – our happiness hormone.
  • Have a soak: Lighting a few candles and escaping into the bathroom for an indulgent hour is a great way to take a time out.


Having a luxurious bath is my go to choice when I need to unwind and de-stress, and the perfect accompaniment is one of my fun, fizzy bath bombs (yes, they’re great for adults! Who said kids should have all the fun?)


What does Mel Recommend?


In the shop at the moment we have Jasmine Rose Bath Bombs which look good enough to eat! These gorgeous must haves contain Shea butter which moisturises the skin whilst you’re in the bath and come as a pack of 2 so there’s no excuse not to have more than one time out!



What’s available in the shop?


Yellow Seaweed and Juniper Bath Bombs


One large bath bomb. This bath treat conjures up thoughts of a sunny relaxing day on a beach. Beautifully fragranced and contain wonderfully moisturising shea butter.


Lavender Bath Bomb


These large and lovely bath bombs contain lavender essential oil.  This oil is well known for its therapeutic benefits such as the relief of stress and its healing qualities. They are topped with lavender petals. Simply relax and let the stresses of the day disappear with these soothing bath treats which also contain moisturising shea butter. Each packet contains 2 bath bombs.


Romantic Liaison Bath Bomb


A packet of 6 blossom bath bombs scented with romantic liaison fragrance oil. Fizz away the cares of the world with this moisturising pack of delights – perhaps get your partner to join you!


To see the other products in the Bath Bomb range click HERE.


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When was the last time you used a bath bomb? Do you have a favourite flavour? Share your stories over on my Facebook page @MelsLittleLuxuries.


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Am I getting old?

Posted on July 25, 2015 by Melanie Brown

Are you forgetful?

Do you set out to do something and walk to the top of the stairs only to find when you arrive at the top, you have totally forgotten what you have set out to do? This has happened to me many times.

Over the last couple of months I have worryingly noticed how forgetful I’ve become. Is this normal?

Every day I have fallen into the ritual of looking for my house and car keys.  I have to retrace my steps to work out where I could have lost them. What’s really silly is that I know that I should have a set place to keep them but never do this. I can waste up to 15 to 20 minutes looking for my keys.

My children are getting fed up of me. Why? Occasionally I have to confiscate their toys and put them somewhere so that they can’t find them. The problem is I often forget where I have put the offending item. We search high and low but the items cannot be found. You should see the disapproving looks they give me as if to say, “Mum, you really are hopeless!”

Now I have fallen into the trap of mixing up my children’s names. I switched my girls’ names around and my son was deeply offended when I recently referred to him by one of his sister’s names. He gave me a cold evil glare and reminded me that his name was David.

Why are my powers of recall becoming so bad?

Is it something to do with old age?

I think that it is more to do with focusing on multiple tasks at the same time and not concentrating on one thing at a time. Of course this results in me forgetting my own children’s names, losing stuff or not knowing which planet I am on.

I think that the solution to my problem is to slow down and become more systematic about the things I do. Relaxation is the key! A good book and one of my bath treats.

What do you do to relax and be in control? Why not share with us what you do. Tell us through this page.

If you want to find out more about my bath treats, visit the following link:

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My Crazy Week

Posted on June 13, 2015 by Melanie Brown

How has your week been? I hope it hasn’t been as stressful as mine.

Well I am still recovering from an exhausting and hectic week which has involved:-

  • Driving miles to meet customers
  • Giving presentations about my products
  • Helping my three children with their homework. I don’t know about you, but it seems as if the homework is getting longer and more demanding. I find it is becoming more difficult trying to juggle three sets of homework. One of them is always trying to find a way to get out of doing it.
  • Tantrums – I think that I have become a professional referee trying to stop fights, temper tantrums and the constant, “It’s so light so why do I have to go to bed so early?”
  • Costume issues – Two of my children were taking part in their school’s version of ‘Britain’s got talent’. I received strict instructions from them as to how they should be dressed for their performance. I was amazed at how seriously they took themselves, but I have to say I was really proud of what they did and without my help.
  • After school clubs – dashing back and forth between 3 lots of school pick-ups and feeding them all.

It seems that there are never enough hours in the day. Do you have this problem?        

Why do I do it? Well quite simply, it gives me the chance to plan my life around my family and my other commitments.

It is great to know that if my children need me, I can be there. If events are happening, I don’t need to ask anyone for permission.

I am my own boss and I can do as I please without worrying about what my employers think about me.

Now it’s time to unwind and reward myself with one of my very own bath treats.

If you, like me, need the occasional bath treat to unwind after a hectic week, go to the following link:

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