8 Ways to Build Your Self Confidence

Posted on July 28, 2015 by Melanie Brown

Why do people lack confidence?

Is it because a discouraging word has left them feeling low?

Could it be because an event in the past has left them feeling negative?

You really can’t allow the negative thoughts of others or past events to hold you back. You are unique and you should allow yourself to shine. You can only do this if you have a strong belief in yourself and this will come through having self-confidence.

Here are 8 ways or steps which can help you to build your self-confidence:-

  1. Smile – This makes you feel great as well as confident. Smiling releases endorphins and this promotes positivity and self-esteem. By smiling at someone else, you can also brighten their day.
  2. Good posture – The way you carry yourself can contribute towards the way you feel about yourself. If you walk with your shoulders all hunched up and looking down, you won’t come across as confident and self-assured. People are interested in what you have to say, so walk with your head up, shoulders back and self-confidence with flow.
  3. Love yourself –You are special. Always remember that. Love the way you look, think, and dress. When you take the time to do this, your self-esteem will improve.
  4. Think of the things you have accomplished – Stop wallowing in what you don’t have or haven’t achieved and start looking at the many things that you have successfully accomplished. People tend to put a downer on everything they do and forget that they have achieved great things in their lives. Take the time to write these things down so that you can reflect on them and appreciate how fantastic you are. This is certainly a way of making your self-confidence soar.
  5. Surround yourself with positive people – Always surround yourself with people who are going to be of the same mind as you. These are people who are willing to support your journey. Negative people are energy zappers and can knock your confidence if you share your dreams with them. It also makes you question yourself as to your own capabilities. Therefore always be around positive like-minded people who will help you to fly like an eagle.
  6. Do what makes you happy – This means there are no restrictions and limitations in your life. You are actually enjoying what you do and this raises your self-esteem.
  7. Exercise and eat healthy – If you care about your health and exercise, this will become evident in the way you appear and feel. You feel healthy and proud about how you have improved your life.
  8. Remember you are beautiful inside and out – Never have self doubts about how wonderful you are.

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“Surround Yourself with Positive People”

Posted on July 21, 2015 by Melanie Brown

You may have noticed that I like posting positivity quotes on my Facebook page.  “Surround Yourself with Positive People” is a quote I found and decided to write about.

I really hate to be surrounded by negative people. Don’t you?

Constant complaining, being critical, being on a downer and not being grateful for what you have are just some of the examples I have come across this past month. It can be quite exasperating.

Have you noticed that after spending time with a negative person how your energy levels feels zapped?

Why would you want to spend time with someone who doesn’t have a positive thing to say, who undermines you and is not of the same mindset as you?

I truly believe that you need to be positive about yourself and events. In order to achieve this, you need to be associating with the right positive people.

Even if you face negativity, treat it as a life lesson and see how it will help you get closer to achieving your goals.

I make such a huge effort to surround myself with positive people and there are a few other things I do:-

  • I just avoid being around negative people – this might seem a little harsh, but I want to be surrounded by energy.
  • I surround myself with positive people who want to see the best for me.
  • I make everyday a good day.
  • I smile a lot.
  • I feel empowered and do not allow myself to be a victim.
  • I am grateful for things such as my family, my life and my health. Some people don’t have these blessings.
  • The past stays in the past – I’m looking forward to the future.
  • I am excited about possibilities not limitations.

I believe that when you are positive, you are inspired to achieve your goals and others are inspired by you. Not only do you help yourself, but you help others and most importantly, it brings so much happiness into your life.

So “Surround Yourself with Positive People” and positivity will radiate into your whole life.







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