The Beauty of Being Courageous

The Beauty of Being Courageous

 I got up this morning with some big bold plans and wanted to follow through with them, but then I found myself taking a step back. How could I possibly do that? People would think I was crazy.

Do you spend your days wondering what others think about you?

Why is that?

Do you fear that if you do something, others might not like it or you will be laughed at?

Sometimes we don’t follow through with things because we recall a minor comment someone made and unfortunately it has stuck in our minds. This has affected us all these years and has in some ways crippled us with fear. There are so many things we want to do and we just don’t act through fear of being seen as a failure or the fool. Fear can make you miss out on so many opportunities.

I think that the way to get over this is not to give a damn about what other may think about your decisions. I am not saying be selfish and ignorant of the needs of others. If you want to do something or you have a dream or passion, just do it. Enjoy it. Don’t be paralysed with fear.  Grab the opportunities that come your way.

If people look at you as if you’re crazy, then let them look. For all you know, they are looking towards you as an inspiration. You are probably doing something that they wish they had the courage to do.

So appreciate the beauty of being courageous or taking the odd risk. As long as you are not hurting anyone, do what makes you happy.


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