Love Your Uniqueness

I went on holiday quite recently and when I arrived at the destination I noticed a group of excited ladies waiting for a transfer bus. They were enthusiastically talking amongst themselves. I got to talking with them and asked where they were staying. One replied at a “hospital”. Well, because I was jet lagged I thought that I had not heard properly.

My face must have been a picture because she laughed and reassured me that I had heard properly. She showed me a copy of a magazine which had a photo of the hospital and she told me that it was all about “medical tourism”. She had saved up all year so that she could have plastic surgery.

I was fascinated because when I looked at her, she looked amazing. I couldn’t understand why she needed plastic surgery. She then happily went on to outline the surgery that she was going to have. From what she said, she saw everything as a flaw and it needed “correcting”.

Her transport arrived and she jumped in telling me how her life was going to be “so much better” and off she went.

I know it’s wrong to judge but I couldn’t help but wonder why can’t we appreciate who we are.

Why do we have to put our bodies through so much pain and call it perfection?

Why do we feel there is a need to alter our uniqueness?

Are we doing this because the media is telling us how the perfect man and woman should look?

I understand that people have surgery for genuine reasons but it really does scare me that people are changing or altering what is already perfect. Well that’s my opinion!

Personally, I think that beauty is all about appreciating your uniqueness and loving yourself. We need to stop listening to the false messages out there which make us feel that we are not enough and do not measure up to the so called norm.

So my plea to you all is stop messing with what is already perfect. You are unique! You are beautiful! So love yourself.

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