The Wonderful Qualities of Mint!

I love the smell of mint for it's refreshing and relaxing benefits. Traditionally, mint is a herb used in cooking and for adding flavour. However this plant does have wonderful qualities.

Here are 3 qualities of mint:-

1. It is soothing when found in shampoo, lip balms and mouth rinse.

2.  Useful in solving inflammation. Mint contains salicyclic acid which is great for cleaning the skin. This loosens up the dead skin and prevents pores from becoming blocked. 

3.  Mint is a Godsend if you are suffering from inflammation to the feet or dry cracked heels. You can simply boil the leaves and soak the feet in the water.

I have created a layered moisturising mint bar which is beautifully scented with mint. It contains shea butter which is an excellent emollient. It also contains clay which is essentially an exfoliant. This superb bar  of soap is a great way to relax after a hard days work




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