What's Out There for Vegans? Aluminé!!

I met some lovely people over the weekend and they were asking about vegan beauty products. They cared very much about what went onto their skins as well as into their bodies. Out of curiosity I have been researching what vegan products are out there. Some stores have products which you really have to speak with the sales assistants about to establish what they contain as some of them have by-products from animals, which means that they are not vegan. I think I have found th...e answer!! Peter Lamas a renowned beauty guru has created “Aluminé” which contains natural ingredients and they are 100% vegan. Lamas totally recognizes that chemicals have harmful effects on the skin and has created wonderful vegan products free of animal based ingredients and no animal testing has been involved in its production. They are free of parabens with a combination of exotic botanical ingredients and have the primary purpose of protecting the skin and hair. The creator has helped celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Elizabeth Taylor. If you want to know more about the selection, message me through my Mel's Little Luxuries FB page or this website.


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