So What’s So Great About Argan Oil?

Posted on April 29, 2015 by Melanie Brown

Have you noticed everywhere you go, Argan oil can be seen on the shelves? It’s not just beauty shops but even the bargain shops. Everyone is raving about it. If you’ve read some of my earlier posts, you will have seen that one of my favourite hair products is the – Aluminé Argan and Macadamia Shampoo and Conditioner. Argan oil is a plant oil which is derived from the kernels of the Argan tree in Morocco. Moroccans traditionally use it with their bread for breakfast or drizzled on couscous or pasta. They also use unroasted Argan oil to treat skin diseases, and as a cosmetic oil for skin and hair. The question everyone is asking is, “Why is it so popular?” It contains Tocopherol which is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for protecting and repairing the skin. It is an excellent moisturizing oil with anti-oxidizing benefits. Here are 5 tips as to how you can use Argan oil and benefit from it:-

Hair – Argan oil is great for calming frizzy ends. It adds moisture to dry hair as well as shine.

Scalp- if you have dry scalp, you can dab your scalp with the oil. A good tip is to apply it just before bedtime and leave it in overnight. Simply wash it out the following morning.

Face- you can apply the oil directly to your face. Because of its qualities, it leaves your face looking smooth, clear and radiant.

Body – simply apply this to the body as you would a body lotion. For soft and silky results, apply straight after a hot bath or shower.

Hands- Argan oil is fantastic on the hands. You can use it on cuticles or nails.

The great thing about Argan Oil is the positive social and environmental impact it has created. Because the production of Argan oil has taken off in a big way, it has resulted in Argan trees being preserved as a valuable resource. In relation to the social impact, Moroccan women-cooperatives have been set up for the labour-intensive production of the oil. This means that women now have a regular source of income to sustain themselves and their families.

Why not try this oil and comment on this page about your experience using it.

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