Do You Want A Flexible Life?

Posted on April 30, 2015 by Melanie Brown

I used to lead a fairly hectic life where I would get up quite early in the morning to beat the rush hour. Whilst at work, I would get the odd call to collect my children from school or the nursery as one of them had fallen ill. I would feel guilty thinking that I had left my colleagues in the lurch and given them the additional burden of looking after my workload. If I managed to complete the whole day at work, I would often have to stay later to ensure that work was finished. There was no such thing as 9 to 5. I wanted to find something that would allow me the chance to spend more time with the family and not feel bad if an emergency rose. Then I was introduced to Phoenix.

I love Phoenix because it gives me the opportunity to work from home and fit it around my family. It allows me flexibility without having to worry about childcare if the children become ill. I can also run it in conjunction with my handmade cosmetic business. The beauty of Phoenix is that it allows you to develop skills which are transferable in all walks of life. You become:-

An organiser with great time management skills as you coordinate your day in running your successful business.

A Communicator – you talk with others to tell them about the first rate good quality products

A listener – you listen to the needs of your client to help them find what they want

An entrepreneur – you are building a business, creating a team and helping people achieve their dream to have a business of their own and financial independence

Phoenix brings you in touch with people who will help you all the way to achieving a flexible life and financial freedom.

With a positive attitude, Phoenix allows you to achieve your goals. I am interested in hearing from you if you feel that Phoenix is for you!

If this is the life for you, and you are interested in joining my team please contact me through this page.

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