What’s So Special About Phoenix Cards?

You're probably wondering why I am talking about cards on a site that sells handmade cosmetics. Well, I also sell these unique Phoenix products (see the following link:- https://www.phoenix-trading.co.uk/web/melaniebrown).

When customers buy from me, they want exceptional gift wrap or cards to compliment their gifts. They are usually looking for something that is different and that will also express their sentiments to the person who they are giving the gift to.

Yes, there are plenty of bargain card shops out there which sell cards at super discounted prices.  However, they do not sometimes get the exact message across to friends or loved ones. Customers are therefore going for The Phoenix Range and let me explain why:-

1. When you buy a Phoenix card, you are paying for a unique quality product.

2. There is a card for every occasion.

3. It is environmentally friendly in the way that it is produced. Plant based inks are used in designs to minimize the impact on the environment.

4. Each card is blank which allows you to write your personal sentiment to your family, friend and loved one.  This demonstrates the versatility of the range.

I find that if children receive a present wrapped in Phoenix paper they may well keep it and turn it into a poster or put cards into photo frames. With a little imagination, you can do so much with Phoenix products.

If you would like to learn more about Phoenix or see the fabulous range of cards, gift wrap or stationery, please go to the following link:-







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