Do You Need to Use Eye Serum?

Posted on May 07, 2015 by Melanie Brown

Have you noticed just how many eye serum products there are on the skin care/beauty market? Why do we need them?It apparently addresses a number of problems:-

  1. It helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet
  2. The skin around the eyes is 80% thinner than the skin around the rest of the body and so it protects the skin by restoring its elasticity
  3. Allays the damage caused by pollution
  4. It helps with issues of tired and dark puffy eyes
  5. Enhances the firmness and tone of the skin
  6. Promotes a healthier and younger appearance

A good eye serum is therefore your best friend.

I personally use the Aluminé® Overnight Age-Defying Eye Serum which firms and lifts. This has been created by the world renowned beauty expert, Peter Lamas. He has helped many famous people, such as Sharon Stone, Elizabeth Taylor and Cyndi Crawford, with their beauty regimes.   Why is this serum great?

  1. It is suitable for all skins
  2. It can be used by vegans and vegetarians
  3. The ingredients are 100% natural
  4. It firms and tones the tissue around the eye therefore reducing puffiness and fine lines

Eye serum is simple to apply. You just take your ring finger to treat the eye as it is more delicate than your index finger. Start at the inner corner of each eye and press the serum along the eye socket with a little pressure. This will stimulate the area. Continue in the direction of the temple. If the skin quickly absorbs the serum repeat the action again to assure that the eye area is hydrated. Repeat the same step with the second eye.

Include an eye serum to your skin care regime and you will hopefully see a positive change.

(For more details on the Aluminé range go to the following link to see the skincare range

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