Heavenly Cranberry and Orange Soap Slice

Posted on June 19, 2015 by Melanie Brown

This morning I was looking forward to starting my day with one of my favourite soaps, Cranberry and Orange goat milk soap slice. I stepped blissfully into the shower and turned it on only to be jolted alive by the freezing cold water. I let out a little scream of shock. Ok, it was a big scream of shock!

There was no hot water due to a fault with the tank. But do you know what? It only bothered me for a few seconds because I was actually looking forward to using my favourite soap. So why do I love using my Cranberry and Orange soap slice?

As well as having a gorgeous fruity fragrance, it is really moisturizing and hydrating and does not dry out the skin. This is due to the goat milk fatty acid content which has a pH similar to humans and is therefore less irritating on the skin.

The other superb qualities of goat milk are:-

  • It is easily absorbed by the skin leaving the skin smooth and silky.
  • It is packed with skin minerals and vitamins which nourish the skin
  • It contains lactic acid otherwise known as AHA which gently sloughs off dead skin cells and hydrates and brightens
  • It is a fantastic anti-aging product
  • Goat milk is said to be brilliant for dry and sensitive skin

 With all these fantastic qualities, this soap bar should not be ignored.

Pop over to the following link to find out more about this soap. It makes a wonderful gift or you can simply treat yourself.



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