5 Tips Skin Care Tips for Men that will get them Noticed

Posted on July 26, 2015 by Melanie Brown

 My husband works abroad and has incredibly long days at work.

He gets up very early and is lucky if he arrives home before 7 pm.

When he gets up first thing in the morning, he literally races into the shower, shaves, gets dressed and makes a mad dash for the car.

Suddenly I realized that he doesn’t spend enough time caring for his skin. There is no electric razor, no shaving creams and no specific moisturising skin creams in his bathroom cupboard.

I wonder if this is the same for most busy men.

I find that really weird when you think that us women spend a lot of time with skin care regimes to combat aging and dehydration. Shouldn’t men be doing the same?

Anyway, here are 5 tips to help men care for their precious skin and will get them noticed by the ladies:-

  1. Use a good cleanser – A good cleanser will get rid of all the dirt and pollution in the environment which settles on the skin. Using some soap bars and facial scrubs can be quite harsh and drying on the face. When having a shower, men should avoid having a hot one as this can dry out the skin causing it to be dehydrated and this in turn causes problems with giving the skin a wrinkly appearance.
  2. Use good quality razors – There are so many razors out on the market that leaves men spoilt for choice. Some of them can be used for specific skin types such as sensitive skin. Using the wrong or cheap razors can result in men getting razor bumps or in-grown hair.
  3. Use a good moisturiser – This is fantastic for hydrating the skin and protects it from the elements. Using the right moisturiser will leave the skin feeling very soft and smooth (Very popular with the ladies!)
  4. Aftershave without alcohol – Alcohol aftershaves dry out the skin and can also be quite abrasive. This is why it is important to look for an alcohol free aftershave which hydrates and soothes the skin.
  5. Use a good sun screen for protection – This will prevent sunburn or other skin irritations caused by exposure to the sun. It will also protect men from the number one enemy of skin due to over exposure – cancer!

Are you concerned about your partner’s skin care regime?

Would you like it to be better?

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