What Happens When You Burn The Midnight Oil Too Often?

Posted on September 04, 2015 by Melanie Brown

Do you get more than 8 hours sleep?

I don’t think that I get more than 5 hours consistent sleep, and that has been the case since I had my first child almost 12 years ago.

I regularly commit the crime of going to bed quite late and getting up quite early. A friend of mine pointed out that she was amazed at the time she received an email from me - 3.22 in the morning. Even I was shocked.

Maggie thatcher was famously reported for surviving on just 4 hours of sleep a night.  I find that amazing.

But are there consequences of repeatedly going to bed late? Yes, there are:-

  1. Being stressed out
  2. Decreased performance and alertness
  3. Poor memory
  4. Heart disease
  5. Diabetes
  6. High blood pressure
  7. Tiredness weakens your immune system. Sleep allows your body to produce antibodies and cells which fight off infection and protect the body. Sleep gives the body energy to carry out these protective functions.

Lack of sleep also has an effect on your skin.

  • Your body goes through a process of repair and this includes repair and regeneration of the skin cells. Sleep helps the body to repair, restore and rebalance the body.
  • Whilst you sleep, your body goes through hormonal and metabolic changes and this impacts on your skin.
  • Dark circles are a sign of lack of sleep.

So what can you do to ensure that you get sufficient sleep and combat the negative effects on the skin? Here are 3 handy tips:-

  1. Ensure that you go to bed at a good time which enables you to have at least 7 hours sleep.

     2.   Don’t drink caffeine type drinks such as coffee and tea as these are stimulants and make you stay up even later.

  1. Ensure that you use a good moisturiser on your face which will nourish and hydrate the skin and complement what your sleep is doing for your body. This will also combat the signs of anti-aging.

So I think I am going to have to follow my own advice and get an early night’s sleep.

Are you worried about wrinkles and dark circles?

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