Who is Peter Lamas?

For those of you who regularly come to this page, I apologize as I am about to talk about one of my beauty heros, yet again!

If you are visiting this page for the first time, I blog quite a bit about Peter Lamas. This man has changed so many people’s live around the world with his products.

So, just who is Peter Lamas? Well he is a well know stylist and beauty expert who has created the Aluminé Range.

Over the years he has made a number of stars look gorgeous. The list includes, Diana Ross, Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, Twiggy and Cindy Crawford. There are just too many people to include here.

Lamas has worked with actors who have appeared on movies and television shows such as the epic Titanic and "24".

Through his years of experience, Peter has become aware of the products on the market which can be quite harsh and damaging to the skin. As a result, he wanted to create a product that everyone could use which also gives people the desired results that they pay for.

Out of that dream, Lamas has created Aluminé. This is a range of products which are natural, chemical and paraben free and suitable for vegans.

A beautiful thing about these products is that they not just for the ladies. He has developed the ethos that skin has no gender therefore, everyone can use them.

I have used these products and have been astonished with the results.

Over the years I have spent a lot of money buying skin care products and shampoos in the hope that I could achieve certain results, but I have always felt let down. This is because other products were too drying on the skin or too oily. Shampoos would leave my hair feeling dry and dull.

I can honestly say that this is no longer the case for me. They have really helped me to improve the appearance of my skin and hair.

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