The Habit of Focus

I am awful when I have to work from home. An absolute nightmare. There are too many distractions.

At the moment it’s so cold. I feel hungry all the time! So of course the first distraction is food. What can I have? Then, what can I have next. Then begins the ritual routing around the cupboards.

I have to leave the tv on in the background. I don’t know why, because I’m not even watching it. It’s just good company but, there is some interesting talk about cloud bread. What’s that then? Now something else has happened on that crazy show “The Jump”. Who’s been injured this time?

Ok, I’m not listening, but it’s too quiet. I have to put the radio on. Some callers are telling the audience about their holiday mishaps and ‘The Big Town Countdown’ quiz is next. I keep on saying to myself, “I’ll turn it off in just a minute”. Nothing has been done and the time is speedily ticking away.

Oh! My mobile is buzzing away. It’s a Facebook message, and another. I might as well check my emails. Shall I respond to them now or later.

The mobile’s ringing. I’m wishing I hadn’t answered it. As much as I love the caller, they are being incredibly draining with their negativity. At the end of the call, I am so drained that I don’t even want to do anything.

I know that this is something that cannot continue. I asked myself what is it that I want out of life? What is my purpose? I know that when I started this business, it was to have something for myself and to make my children feel proud. Well, I’m hardly going to do that when I waste so much time!

Today I managed to take myself away to a café, and worked there for a couple of hours. Without any distractions! I didn’t even hear the barista talking to me. I only realized he had tried to, when the lady next to me shouted at him, “She’s busy love. Don’t disturb her!”

It all boils down to focus and if you really enjoy what you are doing and you know what your purpose is, you will form the discipline to do what you must to succeed. I know that I must get into the habit of focus otherwise these constant distractions are going to lead me astray. I want a successful business and I am going to achieve this so look out for the new improved and focused Mel!

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