Bee Pollen Is The Best!

Posted on June 28, 2017 by Melanie Brown

I am very happy today. I bumped into one of my friends, who hates summer. He struggles to walk his dog and often has to get someone to do it for him. He is also unable to play football with his nephew and cannot open a window without his eyes watering and beginning to itch.


When I visited him last, his nose was bunged up, his eyes were bloodshot and his asthma was worse than normal.What made it worse was that the medication the pharmacy was suggesting was having no effect at all and he was just wasting his money.


So I started telling him about the bee pollen tablets I use and the positive impact they have had on my life. He asked for some and I gladly gave him some. When I saw him today, he was smiling and thanked for me for the tablets. He said that he was bowled over with the results.


This shows that you don’t have lock yourself inside in the summer and that there is a way that you can get outside and combat the ‘summer sniffles’.

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