Embracing Sensitive Skin: My Journey into Natural Skincare

Posted on February 19, 2024 by Melanie Brown


Let me share a little story close to my heart—a journey that led me to embrace the beauty of sensitive skin and the art of natural skincare.

It all started with frustration. Frustration over skincare products that promised the world with their beautiful packaging, only to leave my skin feeling stripped of its natural oils, tight, and dry—almost ashy. Can you relate?

But it wasn't just about me. When my precious children came into the picture, two of whom struggled with dry skin conditions, it became a mission. Prescription creams offered fleeting relief, but witnessing their discomfort, those tears of itching and inflammation, broke my heart.

That's when I turned to crafting my own skincare solutions. No chemicals, no preservatives—just pure, skin-loving goodness. And oh, the joy on my kids' faces as their skin found solace in these nourishing ingredients—it's a feeling beyond words.

Soap making became my sanctuary, a place where I wielded control over what goes into each bar. It's about more than just cleansing; it's about nurturing and hydrating the skin without compromise.

Now, as I continue this journey with Mel's Little Luxuries, I'm curious—what ingredients speak to you? What do you seek in skincare beyond the promises of fancy packaging? 

If you care about the ingredients you use on your skin, check out Mel's Little Luxuries for gorgeous body care which is made with love and care. 


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