Find What You Like To Do and Just Do it!

Find What You Like To Do and Just Do it!

A message that I see on a regular basis is “Find what you like to do, and just do it!”

A lot of people are stuck in traditional jobs. Some love their work, but there are others who work as a means to an end. They need to pay bills, pay school and university fees, mortgages and the list goes on. They don’t see how they can leave the traditional confines of work for what may appear to others as a namby pamby way of life. In reality, people have huge obligations!

But is it a namby pamby way of life?

So many people are beginning to leave traditional work for a number of reasons.

People want a quality life.

They want to spend time with their families. Traditional work often robs individuals of the opportunity to spend good quality time with their families as they have to work long hours, commute or even work abroad.

People want flexibility and not feel that they are answerable to others who don’t even appreciate the time and effort employees put in to their work on a daily basis.

I changed how I worked after I had 3 children. I was working incredibly long hours as a lawyer. Although I enjoyed it, I didn’t like the time I spent away from the family. I was leaving home before my children were awake and paying someone to get them up and take them to school.

Whilst I was at work, I would be missing the monumental events that as a mother, I should have been present at. I felt pangs of guilt at missing out on these important days that only come once in a life time. In addition, I was returning home when they were in bed. Sometimes I didn’t even have the chance to read them a story.

I started to think seriously about what it was I wanted. All I had ever known was law and it was scary thinking about doing something completely different. I also thought that people might think I was crazy at leaving a stable job.

It was whilst on a lengthy career break that I found the art of soap making. I did a couple of courses and really enjoyed it. I loved the way people liked the little gifts I made and that is when the idea for Mel’s Little Luxuries came about.

Some may think that it goes against the grain to leave a stable job but on the other hand, this new way of life gives me the time with my family I always craved for, flexibility and control so that I am no longer answerable to anyone if I wish to take time off.

The choice is obviously yours. If you feel that there is more to life than what you are actually doing right now, give it a serious thought! Do something which you enjoy. Find out what it is and if it leaves you feeling nothing but pure enjoyment, then just do it!

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