How to Create Your Self Care Routine

Posted on April 13, 2020 by Melanie Brown


What is your perception of self care?

Do you follow a self care routine?

For me self care is about taking time out for me, so that I am performing at my best. At all levels. I read, I exercise and just take the time to spend time with me. When I do this, I know that I am happily giving back to my family and to my friends. When you are finding ways to make yourself happier, you are improving your general wellbeing and you can give so much to others when you are firing on all cylinders.

If you feel that you are not practising self care, here are some routines that you can follow: -

Learn to Say No – Sometimes just for a quiet life, we agree to doing things particularly at times when we have no time for ourselves. We say “yes” as we do not want to offend others, but this can be harming to ‘us’ as well as relationships. Boundaries have to be put in place where we just have to say no. If people are real genuine friends, they will understand. You are not being selfish, and this is a way of maintaining your sanity.

Avoid Negative People – Negative people can be quite draining. When you surround yourself with this kind of energy, it rubs off on you. So, the simple solution is to surround yourself with people who are going to raise your spirits. You will feel their positive vibes and their support

Appreciate that Failures are inevitable – Instead of looking at them as a mistake, look at them as a positive lesson to help you grow. If you internalize your failure, it gives you an excuse why you cannot do something. You won’t take the chance and for risks which might in turn help you

Don’t compare yourself to others – We are all on different paths. Our journeys will not take us on the same destination. Appreciate where you are starting and where you are going.

Pay it forward – How about doing something kind for someone else. Be generous in your thoughts and actions. This all amounts to positivity. The doer will have a flow of endorphins which will make them feel better. The gesture does not have to be big, it can be something as simple as praising a child

Look at things from a different perspective – When things threaten our peace which could potentially cause stress, try seeing it from an alternative perspective. If it was a friend, how would you advise them. It gives you the opportunity to observe things from a calm and detached way coming up with a solution.

Be a doer and not a brooder – Keep yourself occupied doing things which are going to raise your spirits. Take up a new hobby or course.

Journal or meditate – This is a great way of dealing with negativity and relieving stress. You can self reflect and look at ways to find a solution. Meditation is a fabulous relaxation to be present and mindful.

Whatever you do, make sure that you take time out for you! It's not selfish.