Let's Celebrate The Awesomeness of Teachers!

Let's Celebrate The Awesomeness of Teachers!

 One thing that this past year has taught me is how incredibly amazing teachers are!

A lot of last year was spent on remote schooling. My kids were so lucky that they could still receive such a high standard of education under the guidance of their teachers.

Whilst they received a lot of help, sometimes they were left to do some independent work which the parents were tasked with supervising. It hit me like a hammer – it was hard work making sure everything was done and handed in on time! It showed me truly how much in-depth planning went into the lessons and how hard it is for teachers to keep children on task.

At home, I sometimes found the children wandering around the house or daydreaming when they should have been working. On a few of occasions, I struggled to reign them back in so that they would focus which helped me gain a new appreciation for the teachers that have to do this on a daily basis. They should really be acknowledged for this more regularly.

After speaking with my children and observing their home learning, I realized these 5 things about teachers:

  1. They believe in the children more than we do
  2. They instil confidence in them and make our children realize that they are capable of anything they put their minds to
  3. Teachers empower our children to open their minds and explore the many possibilities
  4. They work extremely hard – sometimes they were balancing half of the class being online as they were isolating, whilst the others were in school
  5. They have the patience of a saint

So, as you can see there is much to celebrate about your children’s teachers, especially after this exceedingly difficult year where they have been faced with new challenges.  They have had to adapt their lessons for online teaching and learn how to use new technologies.

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