5 Tips To Winter Proof Your Skin

Posted on December 16, 2022 by Melanie Brown

Have you noticed how harsh the winter weather is? 🤔
It has been bitterly cold and this in turn can have an adverse effect on your skin.
Here are 5 tips which are going to help you to protect your skin during the winter months:
1. Moisturise 💆‍♀️
Ensure that you are moisturizing your skin daily. Twice a day will help your skin to become perfectly hydrated. Use lotions, creams or body butters with rich skin loving ingredients such as shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter. These ingredients are rich with vitamins which protect and revitalise your skin. If you have sensitive skin, be sure to avoid the moisturizers which have fragrance. In addition, when you apply the moisturizer, apply it to damp skin as this locks in the moisture.
2. Limit the use of hot water 💦
Avoid using hot water as this dries out the skin. The best water to use is lukewarm water.
3. Humidify
As soon as it gets cold, we tend to crank up the heat and this dries out the moisture in the air. This has a knock on effect on your skin. Try using a humidifier which introduces moisture to the air.
4. Protect you skin from the sun 🌞
The winter sun can be the most dangerous sun. Remember to protect your skin with the use of sunscreen.
5. Protect your skin from the wind 🌬
Cover your face from the bitter wind and use a lip balm to prevent your lips cracking and drying out.
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