I Never Thought I Could Lose Weight Healthily - But I Finally Discovered The Secret! Here's How...

Posted on October 17, 2015 by Melanie Brown

Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time running around after my children, working and just trying to deal with my life.

I just got so busy that I start missing a lot of meals. To compensate for this, I started snacking on high caloried foods. As I sat with my children at meal times, I would cheekily eat what was left on their plates. As you can imagine, when this has been repeatedly done over a period of time, the consequences soon catch up with you.

I put on a lot of weight and needed to do something about it as I began to feel lethargic and my clothes began to feel too tight. I could no longer fit into my favourite jeans.

Then Benevita came to my rescue. This is a weight management system which allows you to lose weight, put on weight or just simply to maintain your weight. All of this can be done in a healthy way. I used the system to lose weight.

Benevita consists of 21 meal replacement shakes. You are provided with an option plan which guides you on your journey. I personally used the meal replacement at lunch time as this was when I was at my busiest. In the morning I would have “go” capsules which would energise me at the beginning of the day and have a balanced breakfast. I would then have a delicious chocolate flavoured shake which was filling.

To my amazement it kept me going to my evening meal. About 30 minutes before my evening meal, I would have a “recovery” tablet with a glass of water, which contains lemon balm extract and had the effect of relaxing the body. This was done Monday to Friday.

You are allowed a break on Saturday and Sunday but it helps that you continue eating healthily on these days.

As soon as Monday morning arrived, I went back to the plan.

So, why was I so impressed with this system?:-

  1. I have been on a number of diets but this one was different. Benevita left me feeling full. This product contains glucomannan which is a ginger root extract, is natural and leaves you feeling full.
  2. It’s a healthy way to lose weight
  3. I didn’t feel tired or grumpy as the system really does help you to feel good.
  4. I didn’t go crazy with exercising but I still managed to lose 1½ stones between the beginning of February and the middle of March of this year.

I would recommend Benevita as a safe and healthy option to lose weight and super impressed with it.

So, if you want to find out more about this amazing product, please email me at melslittleluxuries@btopenworld.com

Recommendation: Before embarking on any weight management system, always seek professional guidance from a doctor.

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