Welcome To Mel's Little Luxuries

Welcome To Mel's Little Luxuries

I recently started a YouTube Channel.

This is a little unusual for me as I am a huge technophobe and would rather be making soap and all things that smell nice.

I made the decision to create the channel as I wanted people to learn about the person behind Mel's Little Luxuries, the business and most importantly, how I can help them. 

I will also be blending in bits of self care because it's so important for you to prioritise your needs. There are times when we become so absorbed with helping others that we forget to help ourselves first. We become resentful when we start running on empty. We feel obliged in helping others first, (people pleasing), because we are frightened of what people will think of us, when we start saying "no". We have to learn to set boundaries. It all boils down to that old adage of, putting the oxygen mask on yourself first.

I've attached the YouTube video, so take a look and please remember to subscribe.

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