Why do you do what you do?

Why do you do what you do?


"Why do you do what you do?"

This question has popped up countless times in my journey.

My soap making journey began when I was looking for something to do.

I had taken some time out of my corporate background to spend quality time with my then, very young family.  Because of long working hours, I found that I was missing out on the monumental dates at school that really mattered. You know what I mean; sport's day, concerts and plays. For me, my kids were my priority and I wanted to be there for them.

I got a simple melt and pour soap kit and started playing around with it. It was amazing fun. l could create quick simple projects and enjoy the results. 

It occurred to me that I could start using skin loving ingredients which was important for me, as 2 of my children had dry skin conditions which irritated them.

I began experimenting with ingredients which left their skin feeling hydrated and moisturized. I started looking at soap making in more detail knowing that I could create beautiful soap bars with great benefits for the skin. 

My friends began asking me questions about what I was doing and then asked if I could make them pamper treats and little gifts for friends. I suddenly had that lightbulb moment where I realized that I could run my own soap making business.

I did all the research and trained so that I could produce quality soaps and have never looked back.

This journey has been so empowering. I have a business which I can run around my family and I actually enjoy getting up in the morning. Working in an environment which is enriched with gorgeous smelling essential oils and botanicals is absolutely incredible.

Now, I educate others about the wonderful world of soap. In fact, I am running a three day challenge called The Bubbles to Bank Challenge to help people who are going through the circumstances I have described. The challenge is going to cover topics such as botanicals, infusions, ethical sourcing and making visually appealing and captivating soaps. Want to know more?

Check the following link for details The Bubbles To Bank Challenge.



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