Don't Forget The Sunscreen!

Posted on July 31, 2015 by Melanie Brown

I don’t mean to be a nag but I have to write this blog again.

I am on holiday and it’s roasting hot. Every day I cover the children with sunscreen. As soon as they jump out of the pool I put it on them again. When they walk along the beach, they have a massive cap or sun hat to ensure that they do not get burnt.

However, my husband is a totally different story.

The children are always trying to persuade him to put it on but he won’t.  Why? I have no idea. Today he got so sunburnt that one of my children commented that he looked like one of the red faced villains from the film, ‘The X Men – First Class’!

As I looked around today, I noticed lots of people relaxing on their sunbeds, but they were so brown from having been out in the sun the whole day.

This is pretty worrying. We have all heard over the years the risks of over exposure to the sun. So just why aren’t we being more careful about how we treat our skin?

Well, here are 5 reasons why we need to look after our skin in the sun by using sunscreen:-

  1. Sunscreen decreases the risk of developing skin cancer.
  2. If used before going outside and exposing the skin to the sun, sunscreen can help with keeping the skin looking young. The number one cause of premature aging to the face is over exposure to UV rays.
  3. Sunscreen keeps your tone even and prevents facial brown spots and skin discoloration
  4. It protects the skin from sunburn
  5. The ozone layer is a sun shield for the earth which absorbs harmful UVB rays. This layer is depleting and means that the body is more vulnerable to exposure from the sun.

So these are my simple reasons why I ask that you all please consider wearing sunscreen. And that includes you Adrian! (My beloved husband).

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What Sun Protection Do I Use?

Posted on May 15, 2015 by Melanie Brown

I have to say I really do get confused with which sun protection to use for my children. It also doesn't help when you aren't getting accurate recommendations on what's the best product to use. If you've been listening to today’s news, you've probably heard about two well-known brands of sun protection products not doing their job. This is really quite dangerous as customers are left exposed to harmful sun rays which can lead to permanent skin damage.  

During Easter, I went on holiday with my children. I have an obsession about protecting their skin with the right products, so I spent a great deal of time covering them from head to toe. They didn't like it one little bit and thought it was hilarious as I chased them first around the apartment to put it on, and then again around the swimming pool each time they got out.

However, this year they had a miserable time with the sun and in particular my eldest as she was burnt. She spent a lot of time in the pool and when she did come out, I reapplied a lot of “water resistant” sun cream with an “SPF of 30”. It made me wonder if this sale description was really true when she started showing signs of redness on her face.

I think my whole lesson from this experience was before you buy any sun protection product, take a serious look at the quality of the ingredients.  SPF indicates protection from UVB rays and not UVA, however both kinds of ray are damaging to the skin.   There really needs to be a UVA blocker in products combined with UVB ingredients to prevent sunburn.

Look for a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher, with some combination of UVA-screening ingredients and hopefully you will enjoy your holiday, sunburn free!

Always ask your GP or a good pharmacist for their recommendations.

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