12 Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

Posted on December 08, 2015 by Melanie Brown

It’s that amazing time of the year when we eat and stuff our faces. We eat for the sake of eating rather than for pure enjoyment.

The turkey is turned into turkey pie, turkey sandwiches, turkey curry and turkey soup and the list goes on.

Then we fall into a deep slumber on the settee.

But do we give a second thought to the damage the extra calories will do to our bodies? We seem to barely care about the extra pounds over Christmas.

Did you know that the UK now surpasses the United States by being at the top of the Obesity Charts? It’s about time we took some positive action to stay in shape over the holidays.

So here are my 12 tips for a healthy festive season: -

1. Cut down on the sugar – stick to fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains.

2. Say “no” to soft drinks. Avoid the fruit juices which can be quite high in hidden sugars.

3. Be aware of alcohol. As well as being dehydrating on the body, it can have a negative effect on the skin.

4. Have fibre rich foods.

5. Reduce the amount of saturated fat. Replace this with low fat dairy.

6. Remove the fat from the meat.

7. You can eat good fats such as olive oil, flax seed oil, fish and nuts.

8. Have good quality protein for example salmon.

9. When cooking, use low fat methods such as grilling.
10. Have smaller meals more often.

11. Be careful of packaged foods even if there is a label on it which says “low fat”. They often contain hidden sugars.

12. Follow these simple tips and you will have an enjoyable Christmas without worrying about the calories.

Do you care about your weight? Are you interested in maintaining, losing or putting on weight? Would you like learn the secret to good weight management?

Then contact me on melslittleluxuries@btopenworld.com or PM me through my Facebook page to find out how you can achieve this in a healthy way.

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Fizzy Drinks

Posted on October 25, 2015 by Melanie Brown

I am totally gutted.

I just bought a magazine which had an article about fizzy drinks and I’m going to have to give them up!

I knew that they weren’t good if you drank them in excess, but I just hadn’t fully appreciated just how bad they really were for my general health.

I don’t drink them all the time but they are my occasional treat.  

What am I going to do and you are probably wondering what I am going on about.

The article gave several reasons why I should not drink fizzy drinks and here are some of the reasons:-

  1. Some soft drinks can contain up to 11 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Can you imagine the damage the sugar does to your teeth as well as piling on the pounds if you drink it in excess?
  2. It has no nutritional benefit whatsoever.
  3. Research has concluded that drinking fizzy drinks can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.
  4. Fizzy drinks can be bad for your bone health. Why is this? Well, the high sugar content causes the loss of calcium which results in weakened bones and the development of osteoporosis and kidney stones. In short, soft drinks increase the urinary excretion of calcium.
  5. Diet drinks are no better as they contain artificial sweeteners which are high in sugar. In addition, research has shown that these drinks result in vascular problems.

So how do we combat this problem?

Good old water. That’s right! Drink water and lots of it. If you really miss the fizz, then try sparkling mineral water instead.

If you are looking for a healthy nutritional drink, why not try the fantastic Benevita Shake It Range. It can be used as part of a weight management system which can help you to lose weight, put on weight or maintain your weight.

If you want to look great, feel great and live great, email me at melslittleluxuries@btopenworld.com

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I Never Thought I Could Lose Weight Healthily - But I Finally Discovered The Secret! Here's How...

Posted on October 17, 2015 by Melanie Brown

Over the last couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time running around after my children, working and just trying to deal with my life.

I just got so busy that I start missing a lot of meals. To compensate for this, I started snacking on high caloried foods. As I sat with my children at meal times, I would cheekily eat what was left on their plates. As you can imagine, when this has been repeatedly done over a period of time, the consequences soon catch up with you.

I put on a lot of weight and needed to do something about it as I began to feel lethargic and my clothes began to feel too tight. I could no longer fit into my favourite jeans.

Then Benevita came to my rescue. This is a weight management system which allows you to lose weight, put on weight or just simply to maintain your weight. All of this can be done in a healthy way. I used the system to lose weight.

Benevita consists of 21 meal replacement shakes. You are provided with an option plan which guides you on your journey. I personally used the meal replacement at lunch time as this was when I was at my busiest. In the morning I would have “go” capsules which would energise me at the beginning of the day and have a balanced breakfast. I would then have a delicious chocolate flavoured shake which was filling.

To my amazement it kept me going to my evening meal. About 30 minutes before my evening meal, I would have a “recovery” tablet with a glass of water, which contains lemon balm extract and had the effect of relaxing the body. This was done Monday to Friday.

You are allowed a break on Saturday and Sunday but it helps that you continue eating healthily on these days.

As soon as Monday morning arrived, I went back to the plan.

So, why was I so impressed with this system?:-

  1. I have been on a number of diets but this one was different. Benevita left me feeling full. This product contains glucomannan which is a ginger root extract, is natural and leaves you feeling full.
  2. It’s a healthy way to lose weight
  3. I didn’t feel tired or grumpy as the system really does help you to feel good.
  4. I didn’t go crazy with exercising but I still managed to lose 1½ stones between the beginning of February and the middle of March of this year.

I would recommend Benevita as a safe and healthy option to lose weight and super impressed with it.

So, if you want to find out more about this amazing product, please email me at melslittleluxuries@btopenworld.com

Recommendation: Before embarking on any weight management system, always seek professional guidance from a doctor.

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